Natural Gas & Propane Fireplace Maintenance

Natural Gas & Propane Fireplace Maintenance

Gas Fireplace maintenance is particularly important over the summer months. Mother nature can reek havoc on your fireplace unit. Spiders like dark places and often like to build nests in gas pilot systems As well, bees tend to nest high up in your chimney tops. A fireplace inspection annually by a licensed trained technician can help with finding these issues before they become real problems.

A general fireplace inspection consists of:

⁃    Clean & adjust pilot
⁃    Inspect venting system
⁃    Vacuum combustion chamber and paint if needed
⁃    Check safeties
⁃    Check fireplace blower operation
⁃    Inspect all electrical connections
⁃    Clean glass and inspect gasket material

Most fireplace malfunctions can be prevented with a regular inspection. If you are overdue its never too late to call Riddell.

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