Hot Water Tank & Tankless Maintenance

Hot Water Tank & Tankless Maintenance

Traditional tanks require inspection of venting, gas burner cleaning, pressure testing, and removal of sediment on the bottom of the tank. If debris is left on the bottom of the tank it will act as a blanket thus making the unit work harder to maintain temperature levels.

Hot water tank maintenance should never be performed by the home owner to prevent scalding or other accidents. Have it serviced by a trained license technician.

Tankless Water Heater Repair & Maintenance

Tankless water heaters are just like a boiler and should be inspected yearly. The interior can build up with soot and form a thermal bridge over the element making it harder to heat the water. Flushing the unit yearly will help loosen any mineral build up inside the coil piping.  Inspection of venting, ignition systems and valves can help prolong your water heaters life and save you money.

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