Indoor Air Quality Installation

Indoor Air Quality Installation

Indoor Air Quality Installation

In an attempt to make homes less drafty and inefficient, some newer homes are built to be air-tight. This may lower the energy bill, but the list of things that can cause health problems via the air we breathe in our homes is long and scary.  Some houses are sealed up tight with no proper ventilation. Pollution and mould can thrive in this atmosphere.  As well as using products that are safer, it’s important to make sure a home is properly ventilated.

The latest gold standard for improved ventilation is a heat recovery ventilator, or HRV. This is basically a box with a fan which allows air from the house to escape, and fresh air to replace it. The really nifty thing is that the incoming air will be heated by the air it is replacing, producing fresh air without drafts.

Riddell Contracting professionals have their Lifebreath certification for HRV systems and exhaust.


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Riddell contracting specializes in dehumidification, precision air conditioning and air purification systems through partnership with Dectron.  Dectron humidification and dehumidifications systems are ideal, state of the art solutions for indoor pools, outdoor pools and arenas.

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