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Air Conditioning & Ductless Split Systems

Trane AC

When you buy a Trane, you’re buying more than an air conditioner. You’re buying buying commitment to your perfect indoor environment. When shopping for a new system, efficiency is one of the most important considerations. An efficient system will not only lower your energy costs, it will also lower your impact on the environment. You’ll appreciate the energy savings from your XR Air Conditioner the day we install it, and for many years to come.

Ductless Split – Heat pump systems

The Mr. Slim M-series is the ideal heating and cooling solution for ducted and ductless homes. Available in single and multi-unit models, Mr. Slim has a sleek design and offers unprecedented performance. Advanced technology from Mitsubishi electric led to the creation of super-quiet air conditioners suitable for all rooms of your home. At as low as 19 decibels, you may not even notice they’re on. Mr. Slim is a heat pump with extraordinary ability to heat your home even in the coldest Canadian temperatures, all the way down to -25C. After being in Canada for over 30 years, our tough Canadian climate has taught them a few things.

Air Conditioning & Ductless Split Systems Installation


You can receive up to $650 in incentives when you participate in the heating and cooling incentive.

The proper installation of air conditioning equipment is crucial. Once your system has been properly sized, the placement of the outdoor condenser needs to be determined. Do you prefer it to be on a cement pad on the ground or to be wall mounted? Other considerations are to make sure the indoor coil is installed on a proper angle for drainage. The most important installation is the line-set to and from the outdoor and indoor coil. Several factors that could restrict proper operation include kinks in the copper lines, improper insulation and incorrect line sizing to name a few.

Once the air conditioner is ready for start-up Riddell’s certified experienced AC technician ensure there is a proper amount of refrigerant added and that pressures & temperatures are within the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Most complications are due to improper installation techniques and start-up. Always have your air conditioning installed by a licensed AC technician and your electrical work done by a master electrician.

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Air Conditioning & Ductless Split Systems Maintenance

Air conditioning systems should be inspected annually. Several factors can impede the performance and operation of your air conditioning unit including grass, dirt and debris that can alter the normal operation of the unit’s ability to extract heat. Inspection of insulation, wiring, contactors and amp draws should be taken to help diagnose any ongoing or premature failures.

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